Am I a right candidate?

Any individual, who is physically healthy, does not smoke and has realistic goals for enhancement in appearance.

Is it safe?

It is absolutely safe. For restoring shallow contours of the face and reduce the creases and lines, soft tissue fillers do a great job. To be doubly sure, usually a pre-treatment allergy test is conducted for the cases where non-human source fillers are proposed to be employed.

What are possible side effects?

The side effects are quite minimal, but few patients may encounter skin rash, itching, swelling or redness that gets resolved on its own in few days. Most importantly scars do not get formed during this procedure, in fact cosmetic surgeons employ dermal fillers for acne scars treatment.

How long will the procedure last?

The procedure may last for ten minutes to half an hour.

Are the results permanent?

No, the results are temporary and the duration is based upon the type of dermal fillers used. While fillers like Prevelle, Restylane and Beletero last for four to six months, the others may last for even one year.

Who will perform the procedure?

The expert and certified cosmetic surgeon of Karishma Laser & Cosmetic Clinic performs the dermal fillers for face and nose.