Botox Treatment In Pune

Worried about the forehead creases, crow’s feet or wrinkles on temple side, bunny lines or wrinkles on the sides of nose, lines on the neck spoiling your aesthetic appearance? No need for further apprehensions as effective solution in the form of BOTOX treatment is now within your reach. BOTOX treatment have so far benefitted more than 1 crore men and women across the world, we at karishma botox & fillers is the Best botox clinic we provide one of the safest cosmetic treatments
provided to defy the aging signs.

What is BOTOX?

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a pure protein, isolated from a micro-organism, like most of the drugs we ourselves use today. Botox Injections are the most popular treatment administered by physicians around the world, as it is administered in more than 3 million treatments per year. Botox Injections cause a noticeable improvement, and it has been the one of the most successful cosmetic procedures performed around the world; the people have been very satisfied with it. It is completely safe and it improves the skin in a way that would look natural and very pleasant to the eye.


Firstly, it is a well proven treatment methodology and approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a non-invasive procedure with visible results in few days. With no need for recovery period and any sort of surgery, it is the best bet for those who wish to look younger.

How it works?

Wrinkles or contractions are usually created when the nerve cells beneath the skin release a chemical known as acetylcholine. When BOTOX containing Botulinum Botox Type A is injected, it retards the release of acetylcholine and stops the contraction. The effect of Botulinum Botox stays for around four to six months, which prompts for additional dose of injections.

How is it made and where does it come from?

BOTOX is proven to be a safe medication and is approved for use in children with cerebral palsy (aged 2 years and above).

BOTOX Procedure

As it is a non-invasive procedure, BOTOX treatment is performed without anesthesia. However, a numbing cream may be applied to alleviate the discomfort out of the injection prick. Dr. Suresh Sanghvi chooses the right area as injection points. Depending upon the objective, one or more injections points are marked on the face. Also, it goes without saying that the dose of the BOTOX injection is proportional to the severity of the problem. The BOTOX dose is subsequently injected beneath the skin at the marked points. This facilitates the Botox in the injection to retard the release of contraction causing chemical and also stops the formation of wrinkles.

Pre and Post treatment procedures

Pre instructions vary from patient to patient and will be advised by Dr. Sanghvi at the time of consultation.

As, it is a very simple procedure, the post treatment instructions are quite few. For four hours after treatment, the treated place should not be rubbed. Again to avoid the risk of pressure being applied on the treated area, upright sitting position is strongly recommended for four hours. Any marks or bumps that appear would disappear in few hours and is never a cause of worry. Although the results start becoming visible in few days, it takes around two weeks to get the full effect.

Which areas can botox treat?

  • Upper Face
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Frowning
  • Brow lifting
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Gummy smile
  • Dimpled chin
  • Facial reshaping
  • Marrionette lines
  • Turkey neck
  • Bulky Masseter muscle
  • Excessive sweating in hand & axilla
  • Muscles Spasm
  • Blepharospasm & involuntary tricks