Am I a right candidate?

Any individual aged 18 to 65 and desirous of removing the wrinkles are eligible candidates.

Is it safe?

Before being inducted for the cosmetic purpose, the safety aspects associated with Botulinum Toxin A has been extensively analyzed and researched. Subsequently, USFDA has approved BOTOX treatments and they are quite safe.
Botox treatment are safe with experienced doctor.

What are possible side effects?

The side effects are quite minimal, but few patients may encounter swelling or redness that gets resolved on its own in few hours.

How long will the procedure last?

The procedure may last for half an hour to one hour.

Are the results permanent?

No, the results are temporary and will last for four months or so. The results vary for each individual.

Who will perform the procedure?

The highly qualified and certified physician of Karishma, the most sought after clinic for BOTOX treatment in Pune, would conduct the procedure and ensure your safety.