You can clear out a double chin with the help of weight loss, workouts, and various medical procedures. This is also called submental fat and is a common appearance that occurs when the fat skin emerges just below your chin. Generally, it is connected to fat gain, looser skin resulting or genetics might also give rise to a double chin. 

This article will help you to understand how to reduce double chin. 

Reducing double chin through exercise and diet

If your double chin is due to being overweight, reducing weight might make it less noticeable and can even help you to get rid of it. The perfect way to lose fat is to start regular exercise and eat a healthy diet. 

A few healthy eating instructions are: 

Along with these healthy eating habits, you will also need to do more physical activities to reduce body weight. 

As your weight decreases, your face might get thinned and will make your double chin less noticeable. 

Few natural methods to get rid of double chin


If the double chin is induced due to genetics, strengthening the area with a specific workout might help. It is ambiguous whether losing weight would help. In such situations, your healthcare professional might suggest invasive treatments such as: 


Liposculpture uses heat or liposuction through a laser to contour the skin and melt away the fat. In several scenarios, a regional anaesthetic is all that’s required to treat double chin through lipolysis. 

It only treats fat. It does not help you to get rid of excess skin or in enhancing the elasticity of the skin. 


It is a marginally confined process that conveys small quantities of fat-dissolving elements with the help of various injections. 

In 2015, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) validated Kybella, a long-acting drug used in this treatment. It helps your body to consume fats.

It might take more than twenty injections of Kybella to get rid of the double chin. You can have around six treatments with a one-month gap between them. 

This acid might cause critical nerve issues if not injected properly. It is highly recommended to visit a professional doctor with a good experience in plastic surgery. 

Further steps

An ideal way to treat any body fat is by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. 

If you want to get rid of a double chin, you have to be patient. Except you go under medical treatment, it won’t shrink in one day and may take up to a few months. 

If you are sure your double chin has emerged because of body fat, you must always try chin exercises, cardio and weight loss before opting for an invasive treatment. 

If exercise and diet aren’t helping, you can anytime visit Karishma Botox Clinic, and our highly-professional team of doctors will help you to learn how to reduce double chin. Here you can also opt for invasive treatments for your double chin.