Reducing Smile Lines With Botox & Fillers

The connective tissue called ‘fibroblasts’ present in the layers of our skin produces the extracellular matrices (ECM) collagens and glycosaminoglycans that give our skin its curvy, elastic, and supple look. Till a young age, these fibroblasts produce enough ECMs, but the collagen production plummets drastically as we grow older. With reduced collagen, our skin starts to look saggy and wrinkly around the lips, known as smile lines. These smile lines can also be caused due to other factors such as excessive sun exposure, poor nutrition, and smoking.

Again, these smile line wrinkles can be either static or dynamic. Dynamic smile lines are caused due to overactivity of facial muscles that contract more than usual when you smile, while static smile lines are caused simply due to loss of skin health and reduced collagen production.

What Is Botox And How Does It Work?

Botulinum toxin or Botox is a neurotoxic protein. Basically, it works as a nerve blocker that blocks signals from the nerves to the axon ending muscles, which cause those muscles to contract and create wrinkles. To be more specific, it causes flaccid paralysis and reduces the neurotransmitter activity, which is responsible for acting on the neuro signals. Hence, it is recommended to use botox for smile lines that are dynamic wrinkles in young adults.

What Are Fillers And how Do They Work?

Fillers are biocompatible fluids that are artificially created to be injected or installed under the skin. The most common types of fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is also naturally present in our body. When injected in the right quantity, they can stay under the skin layers for several months and make it appear even and smooth. They are the best cosmetic solution to treat not only static smile wrinkles but all fine lines that are naturally caused due to aging.

How Is The Botox & Filler Treatment Performed?

For Botox treatment, the cosmetologist will first analyze your skin the amount of botox it would need to subdue the muscles around your lips. A topical numbing cream may or may not be used based on your personal preference and the extent of your treatment. A required amount of Botox solution is then directly injected under your skin at specific points around your lips. As there is no necessary downtime required, you’ll be allowed to leave the clinic after formal observation.

In the case of fillers treatment, there are some more calculations involved. Depending on the sagginess of your skin and the area to be covered, the cosmetologist will have to decide the exact amount of filler solution that is to be injected to make your smile look natural. She or he may first mark visible spots around your lips as target locations to be replenished. Then, the specified amount of filler solution will be injected in each of the spots carefully. The results are apparent almost immediately, and the cosmetologist will allow you to leave after a small consultation about precautions and guidelines.

Botox and fillers are highly sophisticated treatments that are to be performed only by trained and certified cosmetologists. And if you’re looking for a Botox clinic in Pune where you can get the best of these treatments, then Karishma Cosmetic is the right place to be. Headed by one of the top cosmetic surgeons in India, we can surely help you get the best Botox treatment in Pune. All you have to do is reach out to their cosmetic experts and discuss your aging problems.

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