Botox- An Appropriate Method to Use to Avoid Dark Circles

Nearly every woman must have tried to get rid of those awful under eye dark circles and wrinkles. In the effort to look flawless, mostly must have emptied “N” number of jars of under-eye creams, but the same sad story is repeated every time and they just are too stubborn to disappear.

Well, the occurrence of dark circles is mostly genetic and wrinkles are related to the ageing. However, they are more concerned with the composition of your skin. Probability of setting yourself free from dark circles and wrinkles is almost nil by reducing the consumption of coffee, sleeping for longer durations, meditating or start using any creams available.

Apart from the domain methods used a greater number of women look forward to seeing a cosmetic dermatologist and a plastic surgeon to get treated with Botox (botulinum toxin) to minimize the appearance of wrinkles on their face.

Botox Treatment for Wrinkles-

Botox treatment is injected into the muscles directly where it functions to block nerve impulses to particularly those tissues. Hence, the muscle activity which is responsible for the wrinkling and frown lines is diminished, to reflect a smoother look.

Facial lines which appear even on a relaxed face cannot be removed with this Botox Treatment. Although, they can be diminished by softening them.

The effect of gel lasts over three months to a little more than six months only, this largely depends upon how the chemical reacts with the body’s metabolism, if needed this can be repeated. Well, the wrinkles and fine lines often seem to appear less prominent because of the shrinking muscles.

Bruising is inevitable, eyelid dropping also is there but these side effects subside gradually otherwise fish oil, blood thinners and arnica treatment are recommended.

It is advised to get the treatment done with an expert and certified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist who has a good experience.


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