Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Fillers

We cannot deny the fact that aging is an irreversible process and its effect gradually begins to show over a period of time. The visual changes begin to appear on your face and your cheeks are one of the first parts that are vulnerable to these changes. As the aging process begins, your cheeks gradually start to droop and lose its volume which makes you look older. In addition, the plumpness of your cheek starts reducing which also adds to the Aging effect. Thanks to the advancements in technology and research, effective and highly reliable cosmetic treatments are now available such as cheek fillers and cheekbone enhancement.

 Cheek Fillers treatment

Cheekbone enhancement and cheek fillers have certainly gained a huge amount of popularity in the last decade. Karishma Botox and Fillers is one of the best clinics for Filler treatment in Pune. We focus on what our clients expect from us and offer our suggestions in the process to achieve the best results. After discussing the prospects with the client, we start the treatment adopting the latest techniques and advances in the botox fillers treatment.

Let’s understand what the Cheek fillers treatment, how its performed, and what one should expect from the same.

Dermal fillers – What are they?

Dermal fillers are a natural substance with a hyaluronic acid base commonly found in every human being. As the aging process kicks in, the quantity of hyaluronic acid present in the skin starts reducing which makes you look dull and weary. Dermal fillers are widely used to inject hyaluronic acid into the body to ensure you start regaining the youthful glow of your skin. One of the most popular areas where dermal fillers are used is the cheeks.

Dermal fillers – What are they?

The cheeks start to sink and lose their volume which largely hinders your facial profile upon the loss of hyaluronic acid. Filler treatment significantly helps individuals regain the lost volume and facial contour.

What should you expect?

Our highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons will have a discussion with every patient before the treatment to give them a clear idea of what they should expect to post the treatment. In addition, we also patiently answer all the queries and doubts directed towards us to ensure the entire process is transparent and smooth.

dermal fillers in pune

Dermal fillers are injected in both the cheeks into the desired area and typically, the treatment lasts for 30-45 minutes. It is important to know that you may witness minor swelling and redness which will subside after 2-3 days.

Is the treatment painful?

Just like any other Cosmetic treatment, you may experience some discomfort at the time of the procedure. A numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment which will offer some amount of comfort and relief.

Is the treatment painful?

In general, the discomfort lasts for the duration of the treatment.

Is the effect of the treatment permanent?

No. The effect of dermal fillers treatment in Pune usually last for around the period of 12 months and the procedure can be repeated again if required.

dermal fillers treatment

Karishma Botox and Fillers is a well-established clinic for dermal fillers treatment. With years of experience, adoption of the latest technologies, and a state-of-the-art clinic, we are committed to assisting our clients to achieve the desired results.

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