Botox Vs Fillers – All You Need To Know Before Choosing One of Them

The shape and structure of the human body is maintained due to three important components Water, fat, and hydrochloric acid (HA). As we start aging, these three aspects decrease resulting in the flatness of the skin thus, revealing deep lines, wrinkles, and aging lines beneath the eyes. Women often fear wrinkled and loosened skin, as they deeply affect their overall looks and personality. Fortunately, there are treatments like Botox and Fillers treatment to help you uplift your skin and personality

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Both the Botox and Fillers are cosmetic skin treatment that helps enhance the volume of the face and typically used when people age. Although both the treatments are minimally invasive, they are quite different from each other. So, while considering such treatment, one must sit down with a professional expert and understand the true aspects of these cosmetic treatments. Botox and fillers today brings you a complete guide on what to and what not to expect from Botox treatment and filler in Pune.

The Process and How Does it Work?


Botox or Botulinum toxin is generated from bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is used to reduce the lines, wrinkles, and excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) in certain areas. The botulinum toxin is injected inside the muscles to improve any moderate or severe glabellar lines (between the eyebrows). Also, the treatment can be applied underneath the eyes for improving severe crow’s feet lines. There are no long-term side effects to Botox treatment and is the most preferred and trusted cosmetic treatment to prevent wrinkles/ aging effects.

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The Filler treatment comprises of adding a combination of chemicals like calcium h ydroxyl apatite, polyalkylimide, polylactic acid, and polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres to add richness to your skin. Also, the treatment can be performed on the lips (lip fillers treatment) to bring fullness to the lips. The results last for severe months and a standard filler treatment might last for more than a year too. The whole procedure takes around 30-45 minutes and the effective results could be noticed until 18-24 months. Also, the treatment is completely reversible.

Who would be Suitable for This Treatment?

Botox Treatment:

This treatment can be used on a wide range of patients for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. The Botulinum toxin is injected into the muscles and uplifts the skin to get a fuller looking face. But, experts believe if you are pregnant or in your breastfeeding days, the treatment should be avoided to be performed. Although, there are no clinical researches available on this, professional’s advice on staying against having such skin treatments under such circumstances.

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Fillers Treatment:

Typically, there are no risks such as pregnancy condition or breastfeeding associated with fillers treatment so anyone struggling to have a clean and volume face can opt for such cosmetic treatment. The treatment results last from 18-24 months and when the effects start fading away, our experts give a “top-up” to the treatment.

Benefits of Botox and Fillers Treatment:

Our patients often complain about people tell them they look tired and sad when actually they are not. The facial looks depend on various key factors and make-up is the last in the line. The fine lines and wrinkles are the first thing that adds to your dullness. With Botox and fillers treatment in Pune, we help you get rid of those fine lines so that the next time your friends pay a visit to you, they remain awe-struck with your appearance and looks.

It is very crucial to understand the importance of getting a well-practiced professional for such treatments. We, at Botox and Fillers, understand the concerns of our patients and therefore practice a transparent communication with them to endeavor the best treatment results.

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