10 Important Things You Should Know About Botox Treatment

Overnight you notice some fine lines on your forehead and your heart skips a beat. The subtle signs of aging are showing. It reminds you of the friend who got a botox treatment last year and you couldn’t help but notice her radiant and youthful skin. Should you see a dermatologist now? Is it time to go under the needle? Before you take the plunge and get botox treatment done, considering the following points to understand the procedure better:

What is botox and what does it do?

Botox is a simple, non-surgical cosmetic injectable neurotoxin often used to temporarily reduce forehead creases, crow’s feet near the eyes and thick bands in the neck. Botox is a compound made of bacteria, which is botulism toxin.

Botox is a prescription medicine:

It is legally allowed to be injected by a plastic surgeon or Cosmetologist. Otherwise, no one is allowed to inject anyone with botulism toxin.

Where is it used?

One of the most common places one gets a botox done is the crow’s feet around the eye area, glabella creases between the eyes, brow furrows and the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. It is also used in armpit where it is injected in sweat glands to reduce sweating.

Who should undergo botox:

The best candidate for this treatment is someone who is showing signs of wrinkles earlier than expected. If you have frown lines, Botox will help you look livelier and less tired. Also, it can also be considered by people who are unable to tolerate invasive cosmetic surgery.

Does it hurt:

There is minimal and brief discomfort with botox treatment. Before you are injected, you can ask the practitioner to numb the areas affected by anesthetic cream or cold pack. The pain one experiences are as similar to an ant bite and last for a few seconds.

What are the risks:

The treatment entails side effects which includes localized pain, infection, inflammation, tenderness, swelling, skin tightness, headache, redness and bruising.

What is the recovery procedure:

After the treatment injected site show slight swelling like mosquito bite which will subside in 2 hrs time.

How long does the botox last:

The effects can be seen anywhere from 1-4 days Post-treatment. On an average, the results can last up to 3-4 months as that is the amount it takes for your body to regenerate new receptors within the muscles.

 How can I find a practitioner to inject it:

As said before, only trained practitioner should inject botox and at Karishma Botox & Fillers, we provide the best Botox treatment in Pune where our trained physicians perform the procedure in our state of the art facility with cutting-edge technology and ultra-modern equipment.

Botox is safe when done correctly:

Botox is an FDA approved component and it is a very common procedure. At Karishma Botox & Fillers, we assure you that all aesthetic enhancement treatments are done by trained and experienced cosmetic specialists. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons for Karishma Cosmetic Clinic being recognized as the most sought-after botox for face treatment clinic in Pune.

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