Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Botox at All Costs

While searching for botox treatment you might have come across various ads that claim to provide botox injections at cheap and affordable rates. As fetching as this deal may sound, it can be a dangerous path to tread. It is a tempting thought to look and feel younger in just half the price of the original botox treatment for face, but at what cost?

The reason why botox treatment charge at certain rates is because good clinics like Karishma Botox and Fillers, use quality products, provide excellent services and meet the necessary safety requirements with certified and trained practitioners carrying out the procedures.

The cheap botox practitioners do not tend to invest in research, training, the environment they work in, neither care about the standards and quality of the products nor ensure protection in case things go wrong during the procedure. It is recommended to avoid a cheap botox treatment because:

1. You might receive fake botox: We rarely examine the products being used on us in cosmetic procedures because we trust the practitioner to use certified products. But if you are going for a cheap botox treatment, there are chances it is a cheap procedure because the products that were used are counterfeit or watered down versions. The only FDA approved Botox for injection is manufactured by Allergan. Any other product is either fake or cheap alternative and can cause side effects and complications.

2. You might not find significant changes: If your practitioner is not well trained and certified, even a legitimate Botox can be futile and bring no significant changes to your face. If the practitioner is inexperienced, there are chances he will make mistakes, like using too much or too less botox. If given too much botox, your face might look paralyzed or emotionless. On the other hand, too little Botox will result in no changes to your face, resulting in waste of your time and money.

3. The products might be expired: If you are going for a cheap botox, there are chances that your practitioner might be saving costs by using expired Botox or an opened one. If a vial of Botox is opened, its content starts to deteriorate rapidly. A good practitioner always uses a fresh package for each patient, but if you want to make sure, don’t be afraid to check and see if your practitioner is using a fresh package.

If you are looking for good Botox treatment in Pune, then your search ends here. At Karishma Laser and Cosmetic Clinic, we have board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeons who will ensure you receive nothing but the best results. Having done extensive medical research in cosmetic surgery, our practitioners have decades of experience in performing Botox Treatment and are specialists in various cosmetic treatments. With Our dedicated efforts, we assure you that all aesthetic enhancement treatments are done by experienced hands. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons for Karishma being recognized as the most sought-after BOTOX skin treatment clinic in Pune.

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