Find how to make your skin look younger through the Botox and dermal fillers treatments!

Everyone wants to look young and buoyant but we keep ageing with the passage of time and hence youthfulness gets dull after a certain age. Generally, the visible signs of ageing begin to occur at an age of 40 – 45 in most people; however, the trends are now changing fast throughout the world. People are experiencing ageing signs and symptoms in the form of fine lines and wrinkles early in life and most people are really worried. In fact, the reasons that are contributing to premature ageing are multi-fold and include the stressed lifestyles due to which stress chemicals and hormones remain elevated in our body and mind and cause fast ageing. Environmental pollution and food contamination’s are other reasons that are responsible for premature ageing. People keep looking as how to look younger than your age and they find only fewer choices as authentic and safe. These include the Botox injections and the dermal fillers, both of which have become much popular around the world.

Botox injections remove fine lines and wrinkles in skin

If you are also interested to know how to get younger looking skin free from wrinkles or fine lines of aging then Botox could be the best option for you. Interestingly, Botox is made from the lethal toxin botulinum that is derived from the bacteria clostridium botulinum but the medical sciences have learned to use it for the goodness. Botox injections are administered intra-muscularly in the face muscles beneath the skin and the wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced in a span of just a few days; while the results are retained for no less than 6 – 8 months. This has been found to generate sort of numbness in the facial muscles after which these muscles fail to respond to the nerve signals towards contraction. Due to lesser contraction of the face muscles, the wrinkles and lines on the face parts are reduced. The results of this treatment build up gradually.

Administration of Botox injections, however, requires fine precision and skills of an experienced cosmetic surgeon! This because the determination of right dose and the identification of right regions in the face are of utmost priority for the seeker; else the results would get distorted. Only balanced delivery at the right places in face causes the best results for the person; especially in terms of symmetry.The dermal fillers reduce facial folds and creases

The individuals who have otherwise crossed a distinct age say 50 years benefit less from the Botox injections because the core collagen fibers are loosened out in the face and more importantly the face fat deposits are also lost over time. People who are looking how to make skin look younger but have crossed 45 – 50 years barrier can opt for the dermal fillers that are more suitable in such cases. The fillers are actually derived from the sugar molecules or the hyaluronic acids or artificially prepared collagens and these develop the type of plumpness and fullness in the facial characteristics. The features like cheek and jaw folds, naso labial folds and deep creases are effectively done away with the dermal fillers treatment.

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