Botox and Fillers: Anti-Aging Treatments for Men, Look More Youthful You.

Botox and fillers anti aging treatments for men make them look younger and attractive!

The modern world is marked by a lot of glam and prosperity but the individual life is much stressed due to the diversity of reasons. More prosperity also means the demand for more money in life and family and this, in turn, leads to more earning pressure; more particularly on men. People are therefore over stretching beyond their capabilities and this has become the norm of life on a daily basis.

Continuous stress caused by deadlines and work pressures generates negative changes in the body and mind that have to suffer through fatigue and distorted hormone profiles; especially the stress hormones that get elevated in the body to play havoc with our health in dices! The effects are evident in the form of early aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. Men have shown more pronounced effects after they cross the age of 40; because after this age, their collagen fibers begin to lose very rapidly. The stress-ors contribute to catalyzing the aging process in men! Botox and fillers that have remained the traditional concepts of anti aging are now being requisitioned by men also who want to look young for a longer time in their life! Leading botox clinic in Pune has witnessed a continuous increase in male patients who come for dedicated anti wrinkle treatments in the upper half face.

The botox injections for men –

Botox is derived from the bacterium clostridium botulinum and is used as a medicine in very small amounts. It relaxes the facial muscles and due to this the wrinkles and fine lines (that are produced by muscle contraction) are thus gradually removed . For decades, botox has been very popular among the ladies, especially in the age group 40 and above! Now it is being relied upon by the males for facial skin rejuvenation treatments. Botox treatment in Pune is available as a specialized treatment for men by considering the higher collagen density and thicker skin in males as compared to women who have been the traditional customers till recently.

The dermal fillers treatment for men –

Dermal fillers are later interventions in the segment of anti aging services and differ from the botox in that these involve the use of dedicated sugar complexes or hyaluronic acids or collagens that are injected into the skin to make it plumper and hence young. The major use of this concept is to eliminate or reduce the folds and deep creases that develop due to aging. For men, dermal fillers offer to make their face more youthful and the results are much stable and safe too! Popular clinic offering botox and fillers in Pune has developed specialized procedures for offering temple rejuvenations for the males who mostly find the deep lines developing there as they grow older. The dermal fillers are injected at the forehead & make them look younger.

The dermal fillers and botox have thus emerged very popular among men also who are reaching out to specialized clinics to regain their youth personality and bounciness back!

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