Complement your botox with these 5 anti aging tips to get the best results!

Botox treatment relies on the ability on one of the most poisonous toxins known to humans. The botulinum toxin is derived from the bacteria clostridium botulinum and it has the ability to paralyze the muscle tissue so that the contacting function of it is suffered. The fine lines and wrinkles are effectively treated by depriving the small muscle tissue in face of their ability to contract. The dosage and the depth at which the toxin is injected are very important and determine the quality and extent of the results. In most cases, the treatment is successful and this is the reason that botox continues to be more demanded than other variants. The number of people reaching for dermal fillers treatment in Pune is much less than those who opt for the botox! Same is the trend in other cities of India and world. The specialists are now focusing on optimizing the effects of botox. The experts at a leading clinic offering botox treatment in Pune recommend the following tips for achieving the best results.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is the most essential fluid of the body and ensures the optimum functioning of different processes including blood circulation and removal of toxins and by products from the tissues. When the quantity of water in the body dips below the demanded levels, the functions get affected. The toxins, undesirable by products and residues begin to accumulate in the skin and tissues and these become the cause of many ailments. In the least, the skin health is affected for the bad and we get dull, wrinkled skin appearance that diminishes our personality. Therefore for best skin health, one should make it a habit of drinking plenty of water.

  1. Quit smoking

‘Smoking is injurious to health.’ We all know this one liner fact! But there is more to it when we talk of skin health and beauty. Smoking causes the release of free radicals in huge numbers in the body. These free radicals run amok and reduce the life of the tissue including that of skin. The skin suffers early and catalyzed aging and the signs such as fine lines and wrinkles get evident at lesser age. Hence quit smoking!

  1. Avoid exposure to harsh sun

Exposure to harsh sun rays lead to breakdown of the elastic collagen fibers that remain attached under the skin. With the collagen getting destroyed, wrinkles appear on the skin. Thus excess sun exposure needs to be avoided.

  1. Start botox treatment early

According to the experts at a clinic offering botox treatment in Pune, it is good to reach out for botox early if you see the signs of aging developing on your face. The early you choose for botox, better would be the results and the body would learn to respond & deliver the desirable results.

  1. Eat healthy and antioxidants rich foods

Healthy fooding is intrinsic to skin and overall health. One should increase the intake of the antioxidants rich foods like those containing Vitamin C and E so that the effect of the free radicals is cancelled.

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