Here are the five tips for men for optimized results of their botox treatment

Botox is a miracle therapy that reduces the fine lines and wrinkles which manifest as signs of aging as we grow old. These aging signs make our face and personality dull. Definitely, none of us likes these and the concern emerges more potent when these appear much early when we are young like in our 20s or 30s. Increasing environmental pollution is one reason that badly affects our skin and most of us are helpless against the same. Psychological stress that has become a common factor in the life is also hugely responsible for the poor skin health and development of signs that are undesirable. Like pollution, stressors of life also cannot be controlled easily and we get helpless here too! However, botox offers to relieve the effects in a safe manner and in least of time. This is the reason for the growing acceptance of botox which is no more a cosmetic process for the women in their 40s. Best botox clinic in Pune says that men are also reaching out for the treatments and getting more youthful look and personality.

Botox treatment involves administration of botulinum toxin in the skin and attached muscular tissues. This toxin paralyses the muscles by blocking the availability of the requisite neurotransmitter that directs the muscle movement. The muscles gradually loose contractive abilities and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. However, these results need to be complemented with some lifestyle and care interventions which differ for men and women. Experts at a leading clinic offering botox treatment in Pune offers the following five tips for men who want to obtain optimized results. Read out these below –

  1. Shift to a good organic cleanser rather than an ordinary soap

While ladies are much concerned about their daily soaps and cleansers, men are least worried; although they choose a brand that reflects their personality. However, ordinary toilet soaps contain caustic chemicals that eat up the natural moisture much fast. Therefore it is recommended that men who have undergone botox treatment should shift to a liquid soap with a well balanced pH and contains some organic ingredients like Vitamin E, olive oil or the jojoba oil. These ingredients have a general healing effect and sooth the skin tissue. The results of botox are thus ensured for longer time.

  1. Do not forget to moisturize

Moisturizer application prevents the effects of harmful toxins and chemicals that are floating in the environment. These toxins and chemicals make the skin dull and loose vigor easily and fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent. To retain the good effects of botox, moisturizer is a must.

  1. Use of sunscreen is good!

Sunscreen lotions also help to protect the skin texture and health by blocking the harmful UV rays. Excess sun exposure, especially in the scorching summers of India leads to breakdown of collagen fibers in the skin after which fine lines and wrinkles become prominent, says expert at the leading clinic offering botox treatment in Pune.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Keeps self hydrated after the treatment and make it a habit to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water throughout the day. This will keep your skin plump and healthy because the movement of the nutrients and fluids would be facilitated.

  1. Take adequate rest and get de-stressed

Do not forget to take out some time of rest for self; because excess stress directly impacts your skin. Enjoy your weekend and just relax.

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