Scared of Botox? How to Get It Right

Botox treatments have become quiet popular for reducing wrinkles on face. However, botox develops varying effects in different people as the responses could relatively differ. Additionally, the method and techniques of botox administration is very significant and requires on the part of the practitioner detailed analysis and diagnosis before moving forward for injecting the botox. There are lots of precautions as also complete after care guidelines for those who want to undertake the botox therapy for wrinkles on their face. These range from assessing the potential outcome to other safety related aspects. Best botox clinic in Pune, India recommends the following guidelines and precautions for making the potential seekers more aware. Read them out –

The pre botox stage

  • Try sharing as much information with doctor

Do not hide any information relating to your medical history or any conditions/diseases which you suffer from. This is very important before seeking the botox treatment because body’s chemical mechanisms get altered through the medicine intake. The botox could not be received as anticipated in the body and may produce unsought effects. The best botox clinic in Pune does thorough analysis for assessing the potential interferences (if any) in case the person is on medication.

  • Make more than one consultation to find that botox is correct for you

Try consulting more than one botox clinics so as to ascertain that botox would be really helpful towards developing what you desire. Don’t get carried with the marketing campaign alone and assure self about the results through botox.

  • Establish the common ground on results

Once botox has been recommended as the best remedy in your case, it is good that both the seeking person and the doctor develop a plane of coherence regarding the actual results that would be delivered. You need to make your mind on realistic rather than theoretic expectations. Botox treatment in Pune specialty clinic arranges sessions with the person to educate him/her about the results.

  • You need to stop certain medications

Certain medication need to be stopped, particularly the blood thinning ones which include aspirin, ibuprofen, exedrin, St. John’s Wart, Vitamin E and others as per the recommendations of the doctor offering the botox. This advice would be in consonance with the above mentioned point of sharing medical history.

  • Ask more questions

Never feel shy for asking questions and putting up queries to ascertain the facts and results. More info is always good!

  • Select the best botox specialist

Choose the botox specialist who is experienced and carries negligible complaints or bad reviews. Botox treatment in Pune specialty clinic is known for the fine results without any complications.

The post botox/after care stage

  • Don’t touch skin worked upon with botox for next 24 hours 
  • No strong physical exercise is recommended as this could negate the results
  • No facial and dermal treatments for next 24 hours as these could interfere with the botox
  • No heavy alcohol use for next two to three days!
  • Follow up in case of botox bruise and if touch ups required. Generally topical Vitamin formulations (especially K) are recommended.

With these counsels and precautions you would get the best botox results and safely too!

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