6 Surprising Fixes with Injectable Fillers

Cosmetic treatments like botox and injectable fillers are the new generation interventions that offer high quality results almost instantly. While botox treatment to reduce the wrinkles on face is fairly old, the concept of dermal fillers is fast catching up as the new paradigm. The popularity of the injectable fillers is also because these are considered safer and these days the practitioners are attempting more innovative uses of the same to generate desirable effects. Dermal fillers treatment in Pune and other major cities of India are being offered for skin sculpting purposes that involve areas other than face alone. Thus the scope of dermal fillers is much wide than the botox which is used generally used in face. Here are the 6 surprising fixes relating to skin sculpting attempted successful at specialty clinics offering dermal fillers treatment in Pune.

Dermal fillers have found wide application in refined skin sculpting in the face. Apart from lifting the wrinkles, other dedicated results could be achieved like erasing the acne scars, plumping the lips to make them more beautiful, adding volume like in cheeks and such others. The dermal fillers are safe and settle more evenly in the skin tissue thus giving more natural results towards beauty enhancement of the face. The results are determined on the basis of the amount of the filler injected and the application areas. Emphasis is given to ensure finest symmetries through the fillers injection!

Dermal fillers are being used by ladies who use high heels and develop metatarsalgia – a condition of pain in ball of the foot region. Wearing high heels puts excess pressure on this region and injecting dermal fillers helps alleviate the pain. The padding often decreases with age and ladies may develop pain. Above ankles region can be also injected for a better & young look. Leading clinics offering dermal fillers treatment in Pune offer their services towards beauty enhancement of the legs.

Dedicated dermal fillers like Radiesse or Sculptra are being used to make the hands beautiful and young looking. The aged bony hands that show up multiple veins can be successfully treated with the dermal fillers to develop aesthetically appealing results.

Due to increasing age, the knees develop baggy look as also folds. These signs could be patched up effectively through the dermal fillers. In some cases, the ill effects of advanced arthritis are also being treated through dermal fillers.

Wrinkles, sleep lines and sags develop in ladies decolette as the age increases. These wrinkles, particularly in the neck and chest region do not allow wearing trendy clothes. Dermal fillers can be used to clear the decolette lines and wrinkles and make the region young looking and beautiful.

G – Spot
Some specialty clinics offering dermal fillers treatment in Pune have used the dermal fillers to enhance the G Spot region that is present deep in the vagina. The results promise better and easy stimulations in the ladies and therefore better sex life with their partners. Such interventions also depict the extended frontiers of dermal fillers.


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