Botox Vs Fillers: Which is the best treatment for you?

Cosmetic enhancement procedures like through botox and dermal fillers have become much popular around the world. People, particularly the ladies seek such treatments to remove the fine lines and wrinkles that are age induced. While botox emerged much early and still continues as a popular option, dermal fillers have emerged late in the scene and have developed their own market. People often get confused as which is the best option for them? However, experts have not recommended one over the other and interestingly they opine that the efficacy of these two may depend on different factors and more particularly the type of results that are desirable. Thus the question of ‘botox versus fillers’ is more that of the personalization and associated signs to be attempted. Specialty cosmetic surgeons offering dermal fillers treatment in Pune have offered the following parameters and facts regarding the botox versus fillers debate. Have a look to get aware –

The botox treatment

The basic rule that has emerged regarding the recommendation of botox or dermal fillers is that the ‘lines of rest’ require fillers and the ‘lines of expression’ need botox treatment. To explain in detail, the lines of expression are those which develop when specific expressions like smiling, frowning and others are made by the person. These include the fine lines of temporary type that do present an aged and undesirable look to the beholder. In such cases, botox works fine and reduces the wrinkles and frown lines, particularly on the face. Botox is actually a ‘botulinum toxin’ that works on the facial muscles to relieve the contraction functions which are directly responsible for the development of lines on the face. Botox treatment in Pune clinics is done with super fine needles that reduce bruising and pain.

The fillers treatment

Dermal fillers are used for treatment of the ‘lines of rest’ which means that the lines and chiefly the folds that develop almost permanently on the face or other parts of body. These folds are also age induced or because of other factors of individuality. The dermal fillers are the colorless gels that are injected into the tissues which get plump and acquire a youthful look almost immediately. These fillers gradually get absorbed in the body tissue over time. Thus to reduce and patch up the folds of permanent type, the fillers are the better option while the lines and wrinkles of temporary type could be better attempted with botox. Dermal fillers treatment in Pune clinic offer refined results in age induced permanent wrinkles and folds that appear on face!

The regions of application

Botox has found application mainly in the face region for the treatment of expression lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers on the other hand have developed greater scope of application because these are being used for skin sculpting. Regions other than face are also being attempted through the fillers. These parts include feet, decolette in ladies, hands and even G – Spot enhancement apart from face of course. Fillers and botox treatment in Pune is thus offered as per the requirements of the seeker.

How long the botox and fillers last?

Botox results can remain between 3 to 6 months while the dermal fillers results can last between 6 months to one year. In the lips region, the dermal fillers last only about 3 months.

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