Complete details about Botox Treatment- Botox Injections Uses, Cost, Benefits, Side Effects, Warnings.

Twenty First century woman is well acquainted with the terms ‘Botox’ & ‘Dermal Fillers’ courtesy fashion magazines & free flowing information on internet. These are cosmetic procedures that are means to get back a glowing, radiant skin at a ripe age of late fifties or early sixties when the skin loses its nourishment & looks withered with appearance of fine lines & crow’s feet around the eyes.

Earlier their reach were strictly limited among celebrities & super models however good hearted talented doctors like Dr. Suresh Sanghavi & Shobha Sanghavi has been gracious enough to bring it within the reach of common people.

The benefit of medically proven cosmetic procedure can be reaped by both men & women however women are famous for being keener in using these treatments.

Let’s take a look at the history of Botox

Botox is the short form of the word Botulinum toxin A & B which is a bacteria Clostridium Botulinum that lives both in sea & land. FDA has approved its usage for medical purpose as the toxin has been found safe enough to be applied on humans.

A Brief History of Botox

In 1897, owing to improper handling bacteria Botulinum got developed in meat & physician Dr. Justinus Kerner was foremost in tasting the bacteria medically. In 1949, after elaborate processing & several experiments it was medically proven to block certain neuromuscular transmissions. Plastic surgeon Richard Clark published these findings in medical journals in 1989. His research work was further corroborated by other surgeons when they began extensive experiments with Botulinum & the formal trials carried on for nearly a decade. FDA approved the path breaking experiments in 2002 & declared them safe for human applications. Botulinum type A, popularly known as Botox cosmetics is a minimally invasive non surgical procedure that is used to smoothen out the wrinkles & prominent frown lines that appears naturally with advanced age.

Botox application is not only limited to cosmetic procedure alone but its vast reach encompasses assistance in below mentioned cases:

  • Excessive underarm sweating & chronic migraines
  • Botox is used to treat severe cases of muscle spasms that mainly occur in neck cervical dystonia
  • Severe muscle spasms in upper limbs like elbow, wrists & fingers and lower limbs like ankles & toes require Botox treatment
  • Certain nerve disorders eventually lead to uncontrolled blinking & spasms of eyelids. Botox is injected to block the chemical signals to & fro nerves causing irregular muscle movement
  • Overactive bladder & incontinence as an outcome of diseased kidney & diabetes undergoes Botox treatment to manage the non desirable condition
  • Botox injections temporarily relax the facial muscles, slow down the process of aging & make the skin appear smooth, soft & radiant.


Precautionary measures preceding Botox injections

Certain health condition is not conducive to get Botox treatment; if you decide to opt for the procedure you must consult the doctor & gather as much information possible to stay updated &well informed.

Procedure of Botox Treatment

  • Avoid going for Botox shot if you are on a pill of ibuprofen or aspirin. They are blood thinners which might cause excessive bleeding & bruises if Botox is injected on skin
  • Ensure to provide a brief outline of your natural health to your doctor; any supplements e.g. vitamin E, fish oil, or gingko if consumed should be brought to the notice of the doctor before going ahead with the Botox shot
  • Anti allergy medication, blood thinners, sleeping pills & muscle relaxants medications have to be stopped several days before the procedure ; hence advice of medical practitioner holds utmost significance
  • Avoid frequenting spas & parties immediately before & after the treatment
  • Do not be proactive in taking Botulinum toxin inside your body if you are suffering from Sclerosis
  • Be open about any heart disease, bleeding problem, facial surgery with your doctor
  • Give yourself the time to prepare & heal naturally without giving any outside effort

Botox is made up of human plasma containing harmful viruses & infectious agents reason it undergoes extensive processing & treatment.


Botox injections

Botox shot, although a cosmetic procedure should be handled very carefully by expert doctors, nurses & medical team of healthcare professionals. Do not go ahead with the treatment in any local beauty salon or luxurious spa. They may not be well equipped or trained enough to bring about the desired result without any complication.

The Botox injection is generally given under local anesthesia to numb the pain & ensure ease & comfort of the person. Having said that, some person responds pretty well without the numbing procedure depending on their tolerance limit. If your tolerance level is low the doctor will follow one of the below mentioned options

botox injections and Botox Treatment

  • Apply a prescription cream 60-90 minutes before the procedure to numb the sensation
  • Inject general anesthesia
  • Apply cold spray which is a blast of very cold air sprinkled on the area to disable all local sensory nerves

The thin needle containing minuscule amount of Botulinum toxin is injected into the skin or muscles. Depending on severity of cases, one might need more than one injection. Areas treated mostly are forehead, skin around the eyes & nose which are prone to develop frown lines & crow’s feet. The doctor provides a medicated ointment, contact lenses & eye drops to safeguard the eyes during the treatment. The head is placed in an elevated position for 4 hours & ice is applied to prevent swelling & bruises.

It’s an outpatient procedure & the patient may resume normal activities immediately after the minimally invasive cosmetic surgery however with proper care as to not rub the treated areas to prevent spreading the toxin to other non affected areas.  Also any surgical procedure should ideally followed up with sufficient rest.

The outcome of Botox shot appears within days & lasts up to 4 months. The result mostly depends on the individual response & can vary between persons. The procedure has to be repeated to derive continuous result however the time gap between two shots might reduce if antibodies to Botulinum toxin start developing in the body.


Thumb rule to follow    

  • Shave your armpit 24 hours before the shot if you are taking the shot for excessive sweating on underarms; avoid applying antiperspirants or deodorants & control the lure of excessive hot & spicy food or beverage 24 hours before the injection
  • Have patience for about 2-6 weeks to witness the drastic improvement in neck muscle spasm
  • Eye muscle spasm on the other hand shows improvement within 1-3 days of the injection


Does variation in dose cause any trouble?

Missing a dose does not add up to any problem as there exists a long gap between two injections & it’s known to have a temporary effect

Overdose of Botox isn’t visible right away but includes weakening of muscles, trouble in swallowing & shallow breathing

Symptoms that identifies immediate medical attention

Despite proper care certain complications arising out of a Botox shot immediately requires medical attention. We are providing a sketchy outline to help our readers identify the situations:

  • Dryness of the eyesHow is Botox given
  • Inability to completely close the eyelids
  • Bladder pain
  • Bloody or cloudy urine
  • Painful urination
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Lower back pain
  • Decreased blinking denoting lack of control on eye muscles
  • Irritation of cornea
  • Swelling of the eyelids
  • Slight impairment of vision & depth perception leading to difficulty in driving


Benefits for Botox shot

Botox happens to be the most performed minimally invasive cosmetic surgery in America in the year 2013. Professionals predict increase in popularity graph of Botox by 2018. The reason for the multifold growth of Botox shot is primarily because of its ability to smooth out wrinkles & lines along with management of excessive underarm sweating & chronic migraines. Forehead furrows arising out of excessive movement of eyebrows are smoothened out almost to perfection.

Breastfeeding moms, pregnant women or if you are planning pregnancy, it’s advisable to consult your doctor for the procedure whether it would be medically suitable for you.


Risks involved in going for a Botox shot


Botox injections are safe when handled by a team of professional healthcare team. The common risk involved is getting affected with flu like symptoms, drooping eyelids, crooked smiles etc however less than 1% get severely affected with side effects.Benefits and Side Effects of Botox Treatment

The most common complain we get to hear about Botox injections is that the face will start looking plastic & lose its natural charm. The statement cannot be completely ignored. The Botulinum relaxes the muscle of the face making the sensory nerves unable to carry information to & from processing center of our brain. The face looks relaxed however higher number of Botulinum shots leaves the face with almost little or no expression. You can always opt for minimum number of shots however once the procedure is rolled out, it will be impossible to stop the frequency of the shots.


We are no bollywood celebrities, do we still need Botox shots

Botox is not all about bollywood stars & their beauty; it’s a medical procedure to cure & manage certain spasms & irregular muscle movements. If we simply focus on the cosmetic part, we will realize beauty is not limited to celebration of youth but boosts confidence & has the ability to win hearts, not to forget how war was fought to capture women’s beauty.


Cost of getting Botox shotRisks Free Botox Treatment


The precautions, customer base, dynamic benefit of Botox shot comes at a reasonably affordable rate, much to our surprise. The crow’s feet disappearance will cost almost about INR 6000 per session. Depending on the frequency which is usually a gap of 4-6 months between two shots, the monthly amount allocated to Botox fund would come at a pittance of INR 1000 a month. This is much lesser than a regular facial at a parlor & more effective in giving you back your old, radiant, wrinkle less face of twenties & thirties.


On the other hand, the upper face with frown lines & wrinkles would cost around INR 15000-18000 per session. I agree, this can be a little expensive but women spend more on makeup kit & parlor sessions to win back their self esteem & the immense pride they take in their eternal beauty.


Dr. Suresh Sanghavi – founder chairman of Karishma laser & cosmetic clinic is ably supported by his wife Dr. Shobha Sanghvi & a team of dedicated healthcare professional who aims to treat every footfall with utmost care & correct guidance.


Modern day stress adds to the aging process & when it was likely in our parents’ generations to develop wrinkles & frown lines at late fifties & early sixties our generation experiences the same much before the stipulated age. Many of our friends & colleagues have surprisingly shown signs of aging during mid-thirties with prominent appearance of fine lines & crow’s feet. Needless to say the skin looks old & lackluster. Karishma laser & cosmetic clinic in Pune is a boon for these people who are unable to insulate themselves from today’s daily stress so much so that it takes a toll on their overall appearance & eventually lowers the confidence level. Botox shot in Karishma laser & cosmetic clinic is medically safe & takes place under the supervision of professionally skilled doctors.


For more information please log on to & fix up an appointment to know more on Botox shots from experienced experts of this cosmetic procedure.


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