Questions To Ask Before Botox & Dermal Fillers Treatment

Such is the captivating charm of a women’s looks, tones of paper been wasted praising their looks by romantic heartbroken poets & youths alike. Women on the other hand take immense pride in their looks trying all tricks known in the universe to enhance their presentability & charm. Their youth is a celebration of their beauty. Advanced age however robs off a slice of this pride from women as her beauty starts its journey on a downward spiral. Her skin becomes saggy & loses its firmness owing to the loss of collagen fibre formation. Fine lines like crow’s feet appear on the corner of the eyes & wrinkle shows up on the face eliminating the usual charm.

Botox & dermal fillers can come to the rescue & replace the lost muscles, smoothens out the creases giving the face a clear, radiant & more voluminous look. If you are relatively new to the aesthetic world of cosmetic, minimally invasive surgical procedures, you will be having lot of questions related to these procedures & we will be addressing just that in this blog.

Recovering time duration

If you are planning to get the procedure done just before a function or an event, make sure you plan this minimally invasive surgical operation at least two weeks before the event to ensure the maximum results. You need a minimum two weeks time to heal completely & get back your best look with even skin tone & radiance.

Does the treatment area get swollen?

If a combination of dermal fillers are applied given your current skin condition & multiple syringes are used, it’s normal to get swelling under the nodal area of skin which will disappear in about a week or so. Swelling in the area surrounding the lip takes longer than usual to get back to normal shape.

Is eating possible right after the treatment

If dermal fillers are applied on lips, its advisable not to eat anything right after the treatment. You can always consult the doctor & seek advice on your diet plan for few days before & after the treatment. Also you need to check your body response to certain medicines & fillers before you take the plunge. Seek expert professional help from good consultants like Dr. Suresh Sanghvi & Dr. Shobha Sanghvi on these allergic & diet issues to retain your overall health & avoid untoward incidents arising out of ignorance.

Response to extreme temperature

Swelling is a common effect on all individuals undergoing a botox & dermal fillers treatment. Extreme temperature food is best avoidable until the swelling goes down & skin come back to original glowing & regular shape.

Any bruises cold sores possible as an after effect?

Bruises are an absolute after effect that can appear from dermal filler & Botox treatment. Cold sores too are a possibility in case you are prone to it. Always consult the doctor & seek his expert help before you go ahead with the procedure. The doctor would advise you beforehand which medicine to avoid & which one to take given your bodily response. For few days of swelling & getting cured, avoid medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil & garlic.

Dermal fillers & Botox are the best way to look young with minimal invasive cosmetic procedure & hence gaining popularity with each passing day.

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