Get A Firm & Youthful Skin With Dermal Fillers

If anyone asks you, what is the first sign of aging, what would you respond? It’s pretty predictable; our skin shows the first signs of aging. They become dry, wrinkled & shows up fine lines giving us a much despised old look.

Dermal fillers, a boon gifted us by cosmetic world removes, wrinkles, facial fine lines & add the much needed volume & fullness to the face. Stretch in facial skin arising out of old age, exposure to sunlight & lifestyle makes loss of muscle in the face which is replaced by dermal fillers to get a firm & youthful skin.

Let’s find out the problems addressed by dermal fillers

  • Wrinkles & facial creases get smoothened
  • They help increase the shallow contours
  • Thin lips that loses its sheen with age can look plump & full
  • Rejuvenate the skin & its youthful looks

Aging or facial rejuvenation surgery, we cannot ignore the significance of dermal fillers.

Aging process involves a loss in collagen production & the epidermis layer i.e the outermost layer of the skin loses its vital elements like collagen fibres & elastin eventually leading to formation of wrinkles, creases & folds. This is where the dermal fillers get into action & fills up for the lost component & gives the face it’s desired & lost volume. An expert cosmetic surgeon like the dedicated team in Karishma Laser & Cosmetic Pvt Ltd led by professional Dr. Suresh Sanghvi uses the best dermal fillers like Juvederm, Hylaform & Restylane to improve & enhance your looks.

The Dermal fillers are predominantly used to improve the look of the sunken areas on face caused by loss of collagen fibres & smooth out the wrinkles & crow’s feet formed with advanced age. Every individual has different needs of the body & their wrinkles & lines do vary depending on their cognitive behavior & psychological pattern. A cosmetic surgeon or a professional is an expert who takes a note of individual issues & tries to eliminate the problem without affecting the overall health of the individual. Given the situation he might advise the patient to go for single filler or a combination of fillers to achieve best results.

Application of fillers is not a complicated process yet seeking an expert help is always advisable to avoid any untoward incidents. As a general procedure, a numbing cream is applied or it’s injected under local anesthesia before the dermal fillers can be injected on the patient’s skin. The cosmetic surgeon identifies the portions which need attention & treatment with dermal fillers & the latter injected deep inside the skin giving a more youthful & voluminous look of the face.

However one must ensure one visits the best doctors & professionals for the non invasive cosmetic procedure. Dr. Suresh Sanghvi & Dr. Shobha Sanghvi offers dermal fillers surgery & other cosmetic surgery to both men & women under medical as well as cosmetic condition. They provide one of the best in-house cosmetic treatments in Pune with an experienced team working round the clock.





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