9 Top Cosmetic Treatments for Aging Skin

Without an iota of doubt, we all are lucky to be born in this new age era. Yes, with plethora of options available to redefine our aesthetic appearance through non-surgical cosmetic treatments – Botox, fillers and Lasers, it is indeed possible to address minor issues in our face and neck that usually pops up with age. Be it for fine lines or nasolabial fold or crows feet, anything can be treated through safer, economical, and more importantly tested methods assures a reputed cosmetic surgeon who offers Botox and fillers treatment in Pune. Infact, with so many options available, the chances of getting spoilt with choices is quite high! Let us have a quick wrap of few top cosmetic treatments that are bound to make you seek an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon.

  1. Lift cheek bones:

    Hate the ‘parentheses’ contour of your cheek bone? You no longer need to go under the knife for face lifts, but rather go for Juvederm Voluma fillers treatment to bring down the visibility of nasolabial folds or to lift the skin over cheekbones.


  1. Plump up lips:

    What can be a better choice other than Restylane, the dermal filler renowned for filling lip lines? Made out of natural hyaluronic acid, this lighter filler material effortlessly eradicates the fine lips around the lips.


  1. Lift ear lobes:

    As we age, our skin starts sagging and ear lobes are no exception. Again, it is the fillers treatment that comes to our rescue. A micro injection of hyaluronic acid of suitable filler treatment would pave way for immediate lift. Isn’t it just wonderful?


  1. Tone down lines at the corner of eyes:

    Belotero, one of the thinner filler materials presently available in the market is the perfect answer to address the lines present at the eye corner. As this filler material effectively integrates into skin tissue, no wonder it looks quite natural.


  1. Fine tune neck lines:

    As neck muscles begin to enlarge, it actually pulls down the face and hence drastically affects the aesthetic appearance. Botox can easily address this address by softening the wrinkles and life the face.


  1. Dress your nose:

    With aging, nose gets widened and flattened and there is not a quicker way to address it other than through fillers treatment. Luckily, the options are quite plenty – Perlane, Restylane, or Juvederm and easily your age can be reduced in a span of half an hour.


  1. Fill the fine lines:

    Many times, fine lines can easily be the culprit to show your age. As said above, Belotero, the super light thinner material is the new age solution to address fine lines especially near the lips and crows feet.


  1. Remove deep creases:

    Deep creases in the forehead are a problem for many who have crossed the prime of their youth. But with Botox to your rescue, you need not fret any further. Botox can make your creases disappear in a flash and sustain the effect for six months.


  1. Erase filler effect:

    What to do when the filler treatment needs to be rectified. Except for Radiesse, the effects of all other materials including Perlane, Juvederm, and Restylane can be reversed within a day.

Well, the options are plenty and you can have peace of mind about their safety, effectiveness, and worth for money. If you would like to explore the possibility of availing fillers or Botox treatment in Pune to defy your age, just drop in at our clinic for the preliminary discussion.

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