Botox Treatments – All your queries answered

Remember war was fought to capture women’s beauty. Civilizations rose and fell owing to radiance of a woman’s stunning looks. Even the sages could not but fall helpless in front of an enchantress. Such is the captivating charm of a women’s looks, tones of paper been wasted praising their looks by romantic heartbroken poets & youths alike. Women on the other hand take immense pride in their looks trying all tricks known in the universe to enhance their presentability & charm. Their youth is a celebration of their beauty.

Cosmic energy is magnanimous, all pervasive & transcendental. Everything else in this universe comes with shelf life & an expiry date. So is beauty & charm. It withers with age & makes itself visible as time passes by. How about extending the period of celebration of youth? I doubt if any woman out there would not find it a reason to rejoice. Botox a term known to almost all of us, courtesy lifestyle magazines, opens up a door to infinite possibilities to retain youthful looks & celebrate youth even after it’s long gone.

When the horizontal lines on forehead starts annoying you, it’s time to log on to the internet to know everything you can about Botox before deciding on the consultation with the dermatologist.

It puts you off when you find expressionless face of celebrities with frozen looks post Botox treatment: Let us implore why certain areas of faces are more prone to wrinkles & cows feet; simply because they bear the brunt of our expression. Most of our frowned looks are expressed through our eyes, forehead & skin surrounding these areas starts aging sooner. A micro dose of Botox by an expert doctor will help you stay more relaxed & youthful.

Wrinkle relaxers: Botox treatment is synonymous to paralysis of muscles courtesy neurotoxin injected in the nerves. Truth – Botox has proven itself to be the safest anti aging procedure. Due care needs to be taken while selecting the neurotoxin in terms of brand reputation in market & proper pharmaceutical certificate issued by GoI.

Botox treatment: A thorough assessment of your facial muscles is scrutinized by the expert team of doctors to draw up a roadmap for the treatment. An outpatient procedure carried out post cleaning of the skin followed by numbing of the areas where the neurotoxins are injected. The total procedure will range anywhere between 30-40 mins. Botox is not at all a painful treatment however patients with low threshold for pain require the numbing procedure else even an ice rubbing is enough for few patients.

Common side effects: If you are on safe hands of professional experts, there is no need to worry on side effects. In case they occur it will be like a small mosquito bite which disappears in 4-5 days. Medical history & data is analyzed thoroughly by doctors thereby refraining the patient from using blood thinners, vitamin E supplements, and fish oil supplements just before the treatment.

Karishma laser & cosmetic clinic gives wings to women’s aspiration to look young & the procedure of Botox treatment is handled by team of expert professionals in Pune. We aim to give you back your radiant younger looking skin of twenties even as you age & cannot absolutely escape from the clutches of modern day stress. Have faith on our team of

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