Rejuvenate Your Skin this Winter With Botox & Dermal Fillers

What is the best part of growing up?

Enriching experiences, cherished memories, expanding family are all what we grow up with & love it that way. And if I ask you the worst part the answer will be a no brainer. Obvious answer is loss of youth. Youth is mostly expressed by our looks apart from the invigorating energy & an attitude for innocent fun. Our skin bears the brunt of first attack on youth. We get a hang of it in the winter. Dry atmosphere makes the skin lose moisture, looking old, rough & totally lacks luster.

Keeping your skin nourished & moist is the key to deal with winters. Using oil based night creams can work wonders in dry season. Lot of water along with vitamin E provides the nourishment from inside in form of dietary intake.

We love soaking ourselves in hot winter sun. I would not be a huddle, however please do not ignore applying sunscreen.

While it’s absolutely mandatory to keep your body hydrated, super hot baths are a strict no no as it dehydrates the skin thereby damaging it.

The above suggestions will definitely keep your skin in good shape & prevent it from the winter harshness however what is the trick to turn the clock in reverse mode?

Botox and Fillers Treatment in Pune for a youthful radiant & glowing skin this winter. The experts Dr.Suresh Sanghvi & Dr.Shobha Sanghvi, leading cosmetic & plastic surgeons are ready to offer you their expert professional service to help you rejuvenate your gorgeous supple younger looking skin. Depending on your skin type they provide you an array of service among which Botox & Dermal Fillers work best for most skin types.

Dermal fillers are soft tissue filler injected into the facial skin to ease out wrinkles & restore a youthful look. They can also be used to treat other parts of the body namely neck & hands which are one of the most affected victim of sunburn. The Botox & Dermal filler treatment plump up the skin, replaces the collagen lost due to sunburn in summer & ageing. The medical practitioners inject the fillers in controlled dosage to arrive at the desired result. The result however can vary from 2 months to 2 years depending on type of filler used.

Identified area is cleaned & numbed applying a gel to reduce discomfort to the least possible degree. Sculptra is injected to the designated area through needle & only by an expert, which takes roughly about four sessions few weeks apart to have a long lasting effect. The procedure takes about half an hour & patient can carry on with regular activities post leaving the clinic the very same day. The entire procedure is minimally invasive, quick & painless. A minor swelling on the face might appear in some cases which is perfectly normal & takes less than 48 hours to disappear.

The effectiveness & results of this treatment varies among doctors. It’s always advisable to go for the best expert available in the city because you cannot afford to play ignorant or cheap with skin.

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