Which is Better? Dysport or Botox?

People are well familiar with the Botox, but as the time is changing there are other things which can give you the similar results but are you familiar with these? You may be familiar with the Botox, but Botox is not the only one. Karishma is the best Botox clinic in Pune and Botox treatment, here we are discussing Botox and Dysport and which one is better, but first we have to know what is Botox and Dysport do.

Function of Botox and Dysport:
Human muscles does not age, but with the time the skin starts to thin and as we grow older wrinkles and lines start to appear on our skin because the skin tissues are old and slow in rejuvenating as well as crease are easy to form and stay for long because of permanent movement of the muscles that’s why the skin start to look older. Botox and Dysport both almost work like same, they break the communication between the muscles and skin due to which when muscle constrict skin doesn’t constrict. With time skin rejuvenate itself and lines and wrinkles disappear because now skin doesn’t need to constrict with muscles which in return make us look young.

Difference between Botox and Dysport:
Botulinum toxin is the important factor in both Botox and Dysport even we can say that it is one of the common things between both. Botulinum actually is a substance that blocks the ability of muscles to constrict, but the basic difference between Botox and Dysport is:

•Botox takes five days to kick start, but Dysport takes two.
•Dysport considered less painful than Botox.
•Botox and Dysport came from a different strain.
•Due to their different biologic processor protein they act and defuse little differently.


After the procedure, which hardly took 10 to 15 minute and patient feel fine within half an hour, some may have a headache or redness but mostly the procedure of Botox a Dysport is simple and fast.
As soon as the person has injected with the Botox or Dysport the toxin kick start and start to effect with few days depend on the injection and muscles movement stop which give time to the skin for rejuvenating. After the toxin kicks in and skin start to reform, it gains a healthy and young look.
The Botox or Dysport hardly has any side effects, but an overdose can make your face look freezing, which should never happen under the watchful eyes of an expert.

Which is better? Dysport or Botox?
As Karishma is one of the trusted and reliable Botox clinics in Pune and has Best Botox treatment in Pune, we only give best to our clients and when it come to better option both Botox and Dysport are almost same with a little difference which hardly notices by any client, but it is up to the client what they prefer most and that considered as best because it is more of choices.

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