10 things you need to know about the Botox

Botox treatment is one of the worlds most sought after treatment that is non-invasive and leaves a number of scars. Our doctors at Karishma Laser and Cosmetic Clinic ensure that our clients are given the best Botox treatment in Pune. We also provide Botox treatments of the face at an affordable cost, making us one of the best Botox clinics in Pune.

These days there has been an increase in the number of people using Botox for cosmetic purposes. But there are many facts that people still don’t know Botox and its effects. Here are the 10 reasons that you need to know about Botox which can help you to understand more about Botox and its uses.

  1. Botox is a neurotoxin that is derived through a natural bacterium that is used to treat muscles in the face by diminishing the contractions. The effects of the Botox treatment usually take a good amount of time ranging from 72 hours to a few days. These treatments are usually done in around 5 sessions by the cosmetologist.
  1. The botulinum toxic has two brand names one is Botox which is the American version and the other one is called as Dysport which is the European brand. Both of these types of botulinum are used for cosmetic purposes; however the doses used are different for each type.
  1. An advantage of Botox is that the results are less prominent than other forms of cosmetic surgery. The client can feel the difference but on the side there is not much difference to the face. Hence, other people won’t find the change obvious.
  1. Botox is one of the most used cosmetic procedure in the world and it is a safe method with minimum amount of risks
  1. Botox is one of the most hardest cosmetic procedures, since there are 43 muscles in the face and identifying each one of them for relaxing is a hard task and it is necessary that the doctor should be highly experienced and should know how to do their job properly .
  1. Having Botox procedures is one of the most risky procedures since the procedure does not necessarily require a doctor who has gone rigorous training and qualifications. The main reason why there are a lot of Botox procedure failures is because of the inability of the doctor and not the Botox product.
  1. Botox can work as a good preventive and help prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and brow lines by reducing the muscle movement of some of the facial muscles.
  1. Nowadays men are more interested than women in getting Botox treatments.
  1. Botox initially used in the 80s as a procedure to control squinting of the eyes. As time passed by, Botox was then used for stopping excessive sweating, for treating migraines, and to prevent oily skin along with its most famous anti aging applications.
  1. Botox can also be used to prevent Bruxism which deals with the changing structure and contour of the jaw line and the mouth.
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