Drug Botox is made of neurotoxin. It is used to treat the muscular wrinkles. It blocks and releases the chemicals that cause muscle contraction. Usually wrinkles are caused due to the contract of facial muscles. These wrinkles appear because of lighter skin tones. They can be treated either naturally or using Botox and filler treatments. But as we all prefer easy and simple technique, Botox is preferable. It is proven to safe and one can see noticeable changes.

What happens when someone gets the Botox injection?

When someone is injected with Botox, the chemicals will contract their facial muscles and later release them. It can be used for the repetitive and overactive facial muscles. Once it is injected the muscle is contracted for a while and then made of relax for atleast four months. Since it is non surgical method people cannot except that it will stay long. This cosmetic treatment lasts up to four months. An individual should consult a dermatologist before undergoing this treatment.

Botox acts on the neuromuscular tissues. It takes 2-3 to release the skin. It will be visible after 5 days in rare case. We all of us are aware that none of the technological treatments are left without side effects. It sometimes causes genetic predisposition that results in unwanted effects. It causes side effects such as mild pain, malaise, neck weakness etc. Thus, consultants prefer people to undergo Botox Treatment In Pune, where one can find board certified doctors.

Botox treatment in Pune:

Dynamic wrinkles that are found on face are the symptoms of aging. Botox Treatment is the best suited treatment for dark spots and blemishes. After injecting it contracts the muscles by nerve impulsions on the skin. It eliminates excessive sweating, headache etc. This treatment in Pune is done by sterilizing, purifying and diluting the botulinum. It is recommended by the people as it is cost effective. Slight bruises are shown after the treatment which will be gradually vanishes as days goes by. Before initiating the treatment a cream is applied and is left for 60- 90 minutes. Later the chemical is injected into the facial muscles.

Side effects of Botox treatment:

If a person is about to bore a baby or just planning for a baby should consult doctor before initiating the treatment. This treatment causes some of the side effects in rare cases. Side effects include low vision, symptoms of flu, eyelid drooping and dry spot. It is recommended to use moisturizers as they will keep the skin moisturized. It has to be noted that only over dosage causes side effects.

Botox is made up of human plasma that has viruses that may cause infections in the later stages. By avoiding exercising and by avoiding eating hot beverages one can improve after the treatment. Botulinum creates antibodies so as to protect the tissues and muscles. It also generates free radicals. But over dosage causes multiple side effects such as hoarse voice, bladder control, chest pain etc.

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