Rains – the mere utterance of this scintillating word brings cheers in our face as it marks the departure of excruciating summer and presents us a respite from the hot weather. But it also brings its own set of problems and has ability to play havoc on our health. The damp and humid weather makes it easy for any sort of infection to spread easily and hence it becomes vital to take care of all our organs, including skin. Fortunately, we can easily take good care of all problems, especially the ones on skin surface. Like to know how? Read further to learn the tricks from a reputed medical professional who not only tenders the conventional cosmetic procedures but also offers Dermal Filler Treatment and Botox Treatment In Pune.


  • Water

You would be surprised to know that dehydration of skin is one of the major issues that deserve proper attention. It does not matter even if you don’t feel thirsty. Keep drinking eight to ten glasses of water to regularly flush out the toxins and also keep your skin hydrated.


  • Moisturize your skin

One of the best ways to freshen up your face is by moisturizing the skin. As it is very much essential to allow the skin breathe during the highly humid days of rainy season, oil based moisturizers should be completely avoided. And unless it is absolutely necessary, do not wear make ups, as they may clog the pores and pave way for acnes and pimple formations.


  • Proper cleansing

Cleansing your face not only makes your skin clean but also make it hydrated and renders a fresh look. After cleansing, it is always a good habit to exfoliate the skin with a facial scrub such as the one that is made out of oatmeal and papaya pulp. And do not forget to tone your skin after cleaning to maintain the balance of your skin pH. A regular usage of alcohol free good toner would unclog all pores and also help you to arrest the outburst of acne.


  • Wear sunscreen

It is a common mistake adapted by many of us. We tend to use sunscreens only during summer and harsh hot conditions. But the fact is that sunscreens are very necessary even in overcast conditions. The selection of sunscreen requires few moment of your attention and make sure that it is water resistant, oil free and has loads of vitamin C, says a medical professional who has vast experience in offering cosmetic beauty procedures that includes Botox and fillers treatment in Pune.


  • Face packs

Application of face packs is very much essential during humid conditions like rainy season to provide the right nourishment. Based on the type of your skin, you can go for face packs that suit your liking.

  • Dry skin: Face mask made out of jojoba oil, honey and yogurt would do a great deal for your dry skin
  • Oil skin: Simple face packs made out of besan and milk would provide the right rejuvenation for our skin


  • General tips
  • Bleaching of skin or facial tends to make your skin rough and dry during the monsoon period. Even if it can’t be refrained, they should atleast be restricted to the minimum use.
  • Right diet is a good way to maintain the skin during monsoon. We tend to snack a lot during a downpour. But you can do a good favor to your skin if you consume cleaned, fresh cut fruits rather than deep fried or junk foods. Also make sure that digestion of food is proper during the rainy season. Consumption of food rich in fiber would be your best bet to aid good digestion.
  • Milk creams can be put into excellent use as an anti lip cracking agent.
  • Deep cleansers should be opted only if you have oily skin as lot of dust tends to get accumulated in the skin and clog the pores.

In a nutshell, with proper care and precautions, you can easily handle skin during monsoon period and enjoy the weather. If you wish to hear more suggestions or would like to use this monsoon period as a good opportunity to go for cosmetic treatment in Botox or Filler In Pune, do contact us.

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