Where doesn’t aging inflict damage? Right from our physical power, mental ability to physical appearance, advances in age creates its toll everywhere. Is genetics is the only reason of aging? No, ill lifestyle habits and harsh environmental conditions also play a vital role in aging and infact all these factors play a vital role in triggering and accelerating the degradation of skin. And it is very important to understand that it is due to this transformation of skin, we start experiencing loss of volume and formation of wrinkles.

Almost every patient who comes to us for anti-aging treatments, clearly understand the meaning of wrinkles, but unfortunately they do not have any sort of clue about loss of volume, says a reputed cosmetic surgeon who offers both Fillers and Botox treatment. Well, we would like to grab this opportunity and present a bird’s eye view of facial aging and the importance of volume.

What is loss of volume?

In plain and simple words, loss of volume can be referred as loss of shape and saggy skin. Due to loss of volume, the whole structure and shape of the face gets modified. At our young age, fat tissues in the face are evenly distributed with few extra projections to define cheeks, temples, eyes, and forehead. But as years roll by, the fat volume reduces and starts adhering to gravity – sags down. Hence, as we age, our lower half of face gains the fat lost by the upper counterpart.

Triangle of beauty

As another attempt, let us try to explain the loss of volume concept through triangle of beauty. When we are young, the skin is tight and the volume is evenly distributed all over the face. This is apparently evident from smooth skin, defined jaw lines, and high cheekbones. These typical features produce a face shape that is wide at the top and trims down to a vertex at the chin. This triangular shape renders a positive look. As we age, the inevitable happens; fat tissues sags, cheeks get flattened and jaw line widens. When we define the contours, you would be surprised to see an inverted triangle that depicts nothing but sad look.

What prompts the inversion of triangle?

The triangle of beauty is influenced by both internal and external factors and causes loss of volume. Inspite of having great genes, ageing is unavoidable due to internal factors, confirms a Best Dermatologist In Pune For Skin.


  • Internal factors: These are fully governed by the hormonal changes. While being young, the hormone levels are high and the skin contours are well defined with good elasticity. But as we age, hormone levels dip and the skin loses its elasticity and ultimately the cells that are responsible for volume shrinks in number.
  • External factors: These invited problems are mostly due to
    • Smoking – Nicotine has the potential to havoc collagens present in the skin
    • Sub – UV rays of sun damages the collagen

What is the way out?

This very question points us to achieve graceful aging. There are several cosmetic procedures that produce highly successful results. While some of the procedures are permanent, some have temporary effect, which can be renewed by undergoing additional sessions.

  • Fat grafting

It is one of the highly successful procedures that render permanent results to impart volume to cheeks. The major downside of this treatment is that it involves an appreciable downtime.


  • Derma Fillers

It is again a popular treatment that involves injectables to add volume to eyes, cheeks, lips, and temples. Infact most of the cosmetic surgeons use derma fillers extensively to treat nasolabial folds, that extends from nose to the mouth and marionette lines, that run from corner of the mouth to chin. Although fillers provide temporary results, they are well preferred over fat grafting, owing to it non-surgical technique and immediate results.

So, how do you wish to age? If you are contemplating about anti-aging procedures to enhance your facial beauty, do contact us for Botox and fillers treatment in Pune.

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