Do you know all about Dermal Fillers?

We all love to look young and nullify the signs of aging with safe cosmetic applications. But it is not always possible to attain the best results through facial packs or any other topical applications of creams and gels. That does not mean that all the windows of non-surgical opportunities are closed. Dermal fillers, one of the time tested non-invasive procedures provide you the best chance to regain your glory. Having reached this page, it is quite possible that you might have acquired a basic understanding of derma fillers. Nevertheless, as a renowned cosmetic centre to offer Botox treatment and dermal fillers treatment in Pune, we would like to present crystal clear answers for all your questions that have been lingering in your mind.

What are dermal fillers?

They are nothing but naturally derived or artificially synthesized material that can be directly injected into the area that needs treatment. They are basically classified as per

  • duration of their effect
  • Purpose – stimulators or volume enhancers
  • Natural / artificial.

Most of the dermal fillers are derived out of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. As it possesses a unique capacity to hold many times its weight of water, no wonder it is mostly responsible for binding moisture in our skin.

What can dermal fillers do?

Dermal fillers can solve variety of cosmetic issues related to facial aging

  • Volume addition in lower cheek and temple
  • Smoothening of nasolabial folds and laugh lines
  • Plumping of thin lips
  • Smoothening of lines around the lips
  • Filling hollow spaces under the eyes
  • Flattening of acne scars

In general, dermal fillers can be very effective in dealing with early symptoms of aging.

What fillers can’t do?


Not all problems of wrinkles and folds can be solved through dermal fillers. Hence, most of the times, it is offered in conjunction with Botox. In few cases, it may not be possible to rectify the facial problem with non-invasive procedures such as dermal filler and Botox. For such cases, surgeons usually suggest minor surgeries such as facelift, eyelift, and brow lift to render better results.


How do dermal fillers work?


In the first place, dermal fillers should not be confused with Botox, although both procedures are conducted through injections. While Botox injections are injected in forehead and crow’s feet region to restrict the movement of muscles that causes wrinkles, dermal fillers are injected to plump up the area to fade out wrinkles, depressions, and folds. As the fillers are injected under the epidermal layer, they replenish the deteriorated layers of the skin that causes the folds and wrinkles. When the filler gels are injected, it gets transformed into a soft cushion to provide support for the facial tissues, which has got deformed due to normal aging process. The quantum of filler is usually decided on the nature and severity of the problem.


What options are available as fillers?


The market is flooded with several options and your cosmetic surgeon is likely to decide the brand based on the nature of the problem and risk tolerance. Few reputed brands of filler are

  • Restylane
  • Perlane
  • Juvederm
  • Elevess
  • Radiesse
  • Sculptura


While Radiesse is synthesized through CaHA and Sculptura is based on Poly-L-Lactic acid, the others are derived out of natural hyaluronic acid. Again Radiesse and Sculptura have very high longevity of effect when compared with others.


Risk factors

Apart from allergic reactions which are very well taken cared, fillers occasionally carry the risk of lumping and migration. But as the longevity of filler effects are temporary, so are the severity of the potential side effects. It should be borne in the mind that majority of the risk factors can be avoided if the procedures are conducted by experienced and reputed cosmetic surgeons.


For better understanding of risk factors and evaluation of your facial needs, you can always contact Karishma Laser and Cosmetic Clinic and  get the first hand opinion from our best dermatologist in Pune for skin.

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